About Us

The House of Saint Henri embodies a timeless American luxury essence, as a versatile lifestyle brand, crafting experiences that transcend ordinary living through exceptional products and immersive environments. We embody inspiration and empowerment, supporting those who push boundaries, confront challenges, and pursue greatness. Owning a House of Saint Henri product is a potent, unstoppable declaration of ambition.

“Enriching Lives Daily”

About Saint Henri

Saint Henri is an American self-made, self-taught artist known for his thought-provoking phrases. Basilios opts to keep a low profile, allowing his art to speak volumes. His captivating creations resonate with prominent figures spanning from entrepreneurs, art collectors, pop culture icons, and sports business moguls, transcending cultural barriers and resonating universally.

You will forever own a piece of my life and I thank you.

Founder & Creative Director
Basilios Yiannopoulos